highway deaths

Every year, road crashes injure millions of Americans, killing tens of thousands and costing taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars. According to a new analysis, states in the Mountain West could be doing more to curb crashes.

Statewide traffic fatalities are way up from last year around the same time. That's according to Cody Beers, a public relations specialist with the Wyoming Department of Transportation. Beers said there have been 84 traffic fatalities this year as of July 9, compared to 49 last year.


Highway deaths are up this year - more than 60 people have died on Wyoming roadways so far in 2019. This time last year, there were only 27 fatalities.

Wyoming has seen 28 fewer traffic fatalities in the last year. Some of that is because of efforts to curb drinking and driving…but seat belt use is also on the rise.  Wyoming Seat belt Coalition Chairwoman Connie Jacobson says that over 80 percent of state drivers now wear their seatbelts…a percentage that’s been growing.

“I think the reason that our seat belt use has increased and has been a lot better over the state overall is through awareness and all of the campaigns that the Wyoming seatbelt coalition does.”