Curt Meier

In November, Curt Meier replaced now-Governor Mark Gordon as the state treasurer. Meier said the Treasurer's Office has been busy filling new staff positions while staying within budget.

Republican State senator Curt Meier will be Wyoming's new state treasurer. Meier served in the Wyoming Senate for over 20 years and has a background in farming and business.

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Wyoming lawmakers are voting on the state budget this week and are considering proposals to strengthen the energy industry in the state.

15 million dollars is proposed for a facility to study the capture, sequestration, and management of carbon emissions from a coal fired power plant.  Senator Jim Anderson of Glenrock says it’s important to the future of Wyoming Coal.

“Perhaps bring Wyoming into a new era and it would certainly in regard to our reliance on coal and other things that are carbon based be a blessing if in fact we could do this.”

The State Senate continues working on a bill that would change the way education is governed in Wyoming. 

The bill would lead to the appointment of a State Education Director, who would oversee such things as education accountability and school funding.

But Senator Curt Meier amended the legislation, restoring a number of duties to the State Superintendent’s office.  Under the amendment, the Superintendent would remain a voting member on the State Board of Education. 

The State Senate has given initial approval to a bill that redraws legislative districts.  The House of Representatives added an amendment to the redistricting measure that protected the seat of Senator Curt Meier.  This fall a joint committee told Meier his Senate seat would be combined with one in Laramie County and he’d have to run against Senator Wayne Johnson in order to keep his seat. 

The Chairman of a Committee redrawing state legislative districts admits he is not pleased with a House Amendment that preserved the seat of a State Senator from Goshen and Platte Counties.  Senate Corporations and Political Subdivisions Chairman Cale Case says he may try and remove that amendment. "That long strip that goes up along the Nebraska border and captures the prison and puts it down with a district in Cheyenne -- we are legitimately open to a little criticism on that and I will probably try and remove that in the Senate," Case said. That amendment keeps Senator Curt Meier from ge

A panel of Wyoming lawmakers has endorsed a statewide plan for redrawing legislative districts that would leave one eastern Wyoming state senator out of a job.

The Joint Corporations, Elections and Political Subdivisions Interim Committee unanimously approved a redistricting plan Thursday in Cheyenne. The redistricting is in response to population changes reflected in the latest census.