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Cheyenne Roundup

  • The Cheyenne Roundup podcast crew — WyoFile’s state government reporter Maggie Mullen, and Wyoming Public Media’s Chris Clements and David Dudley — welcomed special guest Bob Beck and a live audience for this extended overview of what turned out to be an unusual 2024 budget session.
  • It’s the last scheduled week of the 2024 Legislative Session, but with budget negotiations at a standstill, lawmakers might work into the weekend or reconvene for a special session. Join WyoFile’s Maggie Mullen and Mike Koshmrl, and Wyoming Public Media’s Chris Clements for the latest from the Capitol — from bills to repeal gun-free zones to restrictions on abortion.
  • Already halfway through the session, we catch up on both versions of the budget bill and what lawmakers have to do now to come to a consensus. Plus, a quick review of a couple bills still making their way through including ones related to hearing aids, property taxes and public lands. WyoFile’s Maggie Mullen and Mike Koshmrl join Wyoming Public Media’s Chris Clements and David Dudley to talk through the 2024 budget session midway point.
  • From a leadership shakeup in the Senate and an unprecedented number of dead committee bills in the House, WyoFile’s Maggie Mullen and Mike Koshmrl join Wyoming Public Media’s Chris Clements and David Dudley to talk through the 2024 budget session’s rocky start.
  • It’s week one of the Wyoming Legislature’s 2024 budget session, which is only one month long. Time is tight and lawmakers have lots to do with some tricky political dynamics to navigate. WyoFile’s Maggie Mullen and Wyoming Public Radio's Chris Clements and David Dudley talk through what they’ll be watching as the session gets underway.
  • It's that time of year again time for lawmakers to assemble in Cheyenne for the legislative session. Wyoming Public Radio has partnered with WyoFile to bring you the Cheyenne Roundup, a weekly roundtable of our political reporters. Today, they're going to preview the upcoming budget session.
  • It's the final episode of the Cheyenne Roundup for the 67th legislative session. We talk about the different subjects -- be it a bill or a political dynamic -- that each reporter watched closely, aka their 'session obsession'. We also answer questions from listeners about cross-over voting and staffing issues within the Wyoming Department of Transportation and Highway Patrol.
  • It's finally here. The last week of Wyoming's 67th legislature has arrived. So far about 80 bills have made it to the governor’s desk, and of those he’s only vetoed two and let one go into law without his signature. We discuss the budget, the failure of a tribal hunting bill, and some anti-LGBTQ bills.
  • We’re heading into week seven of the session and lawmakers are in recess for President’s Day. They’ll be back to work on Feb. 21 with more deadlines on the horizon. This Friday is the last day for bills to be reported out of Committee in the second chamber. We hear about some of the first laws to be signed by Gov. Gordon, an update on the Freedom Food Act and EMS special district bills and finally what's going on with the bill that would change up shed antler hunting season dates.
  • Last week was a deadly week. That is for bills....they peaked at 497 before a slew of deadlines started to winnow down the pile and now almost half of those bills are dead. We explain how this happened and go into a little detail on some of those bills that are dead. Plus, a quick explainer of an abortion bill and things we are watching this week.