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  • Today on the show, the latest look at the primary race for Liz Cheney's at-large House seat. The states that rely on the Colorado River are under pressure to make huge cuts in water use or face a federal crackdown. In Colorado, providers are seeing a sharp rise in demand from out-of-state patients, including some from Wyoming. Those stories and more.
  • In this episode, Wyoming's abortion ban was put on hold this week the same day it was supposed to go into effect. Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney knows her re-election is an uphill battle. A program that helps new moms on the Wind River Reservation just lost funding. And a debate over controlling mosquitoes. Those stories and more.
  • In the lead up to the 2022 primary, WyoFile and Wyoming Public Media teamed up to ask Wyomingites about their top concerns.
  • In this episode, we will speak to state superintendent Brian Schroeder about his election campaign and what he thinks about consolidating school districts. Voters tell us what keeps them up at night. And Wyoming has one of the oldest drum and bugle corps in the nation. Plus a discussion about Wild Horses. These stories and more.
  • In this episode, we will hear from Republican candidate for the U-S House of Representatives Harriet Hageman who will discuss a number of issues including the climate. While abortion is still legal since Wyoming's trigger law hasn't gone into effect just yet, abortion rights supporters are worried about the vague wording of exceptions. And we'll hear about how our region can be in a drought, but still experience historical flooding, like in Yellowstone. Those stories and more.
  • In this episode, following the announcement that Roe Vs. Wade was overturned…some were delighted and others were not. We'll hear from some of them. A critical Northern Arapaho food program struggles with rising prices. Governor Mark Gordon joins us on the program to talk about some other issues facing the state and we will discuss the forest fire season. Those stories and more.
  • Colonel Murray C. Bernays of the U.S. War Department played an instrumental role in establishing the framework for the Nuremberg Trials, following World War II.
  • On this episode, Wyoming is holding its first oil and gas lease sale next week. They typically happen quarterly, but this is the first sale to take place since Biden took office. And neither environmental groups nor industry are happy. Group facilities like nursing homes and prisons had a hard time keeping COVID-19 out of their halls, leading to illness and death. But as it turns out, many state psychiatric facilities report having better luck containing the virus. And we will speak with two Republican candidates for Governor James Scott Quick and Rex Rammell. Those stories and more.
  • Bicycling has been a popular pastime in Laramie for more than a century. Elmer Lovejoy, who owned Laramie’s bike shop, also helped found the Laramie Bicycle Club.
  • Life in Mexico in the time of Pancho Villa was adventurous and dangerous for Americans. Martin Gaines, who worked for the American Smelting and Refining Company in Mexico during that period came face to face with Pancho Villa and his revolutionaries.