Wyoming Symphony Orchestra - Casper

Feb 21, 2017

The Wyoming Symphony Orchestra began in 1920 but did not incorporate until the 1940’s. “Musicians always find other musicians to play, and back in the 20’s they traveled long distances on dirt roads to play together” according to WSO Executive Director, Kate Tiernan.

The Mission of the Wyoming Symphony Orchestra is to enrich the cultural lives of adults, expand the musical horizons of children, and provide an outlet for the creative talents of musicians living in Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain West by performing classical and “pops” music to an expanding audience.  To fulfill this mission, four constituencies are served:

1.  To concert patrons – provide stimulating and entertaining programs with quality guest artists.

2.  To musicians – create an environment that fosters musical growth by selecting programs that constantly extend the range of each player.

3.  To contributors – efficiently utilize the financial resources generously given to us to fulfill our mission.

4.  To Wyoming community – educate children to appreciate the excitement and beauty of orchestral music.

For more information call 266-1478 or visit the website at www.wyomingsymphony.org  .