Wyoming To Receive More Highway Money

Dec 3, 2015

A new federal transportation bill working its way through congress should provide more money to Wyoming. Interim Wyoming Department of Transportation Director Bill Panos says in highway funding alone the bill provides the state with an increase of 24 million dollars.

“That’s a boon for Wyoming and will help us improve the highway system in our state, preserve what we have invested in over the last few years and make our highways safer.” 

It will also provide the state with additional funding for a variety of other projects said Panos.

“Some discretionary money through grants for things like pathways and alternative transportation, this includes in general about an 18 percent increase in public transit through 2020, which will also improve our funding to cities and counties for public transit.”

Panos stressed that the increased funding for highways will only allow the state to better maintain its current highway system, it does not mean they can embark on a variety of new projects.