Wyoming looks to replace Dave Christensen

Dec 2, 2013

Tom Burman discusses replacing Dave Christensen
Credit Bob Beck / WPM

The University of Wyoming is moving forward with its effort to replace football coach Dave Christensen who was fired Sunday.  U-W Athletics Director Tom Burman said at a news conference that the school is prepared  to make a competitive offer and he says the U-W Trustees and Acting President Dick McGinity are behind his efforts to drastically improve the football program.                 

“I feel good that we all know that this is an extremely important hire for the University and for me.  I need their support and I feel that I absolutely have it.” 

Burman one thing the team has lacked is a toughness along the offensive and defensive lines.  He wants someone who will return toughness to Cowboy football.  He maintains that they can't win without it.

Burman said they will not use a search firm to find the next coach, but instead will rely on contacts in the college football world.  He adds that he’d like to act quickly.            

“ We are going to go after the best people out there in the business, but I can’t spend too much time chasing them.  I gotta get a coach and get them hired here, and get this thing moving forward, sometime in the next few weeks.”

Burman said he spoke to the players Sunday night and they took it about as good as can be expected.