Wyoming House Added Medicaid Budget Amendment

Feb 24, 2014

Although the final attempt to expand Medicaid in Wyoming was defeated by the State Senate on Friday, a House budget amendment would direct the executive branch to work with the federal government to try and resolve the issue.

The Governor would ask for a waiver so that lawmakers might have another chance to vote on a specified Medicaid expansion program next year.  Because there are federal funds involved, states must get approval from the feds in order to move forward with their own plans.  Pinedale Republican Albert Sommers likes the idea.

"What's always been uncomfortable for me is I don't know what the final product would look like.  And I think with this you would at least get the opportunity to have the powers that be come together and devise an actual program that you could actually look at."

The House has to convince the Senate to agree to the idea when they meet in a conference committee this week.  The Senate soundly defeated a similar amendment on Friday.