Wyoming earns "good" status on voting process

Aug 6, 2012

In a new report from the Verified Voting Foundation, Wyoming earned a “good” status for the security of its voting process. The state scored well because it uses paper ballots, which provide hard-copy proof, and tally votes electronically. It also ranked high on accounting for ballots cast, and for its reception of ballots from voters overseas. But Wyoming scored poorly in the area of post-election audits, because the state doesn’t check the electronic count of ballots against hard copy samples. Pamela Smith of the Verified Voting Foundation says having a post-election audit can catch and correct technological mistakes.“You’re able to uncover these problems and then figure out what should’ve happened, and I think if Wyoming has audits, then it can catch those kinds of errors and it can re-create the correct outcome," Smith says.Smith says despite Wyoming’s lack of audits, the rest of the state’s election procedures are in good shape.