Wyoming Dems Hope New Caucus Will Grow The Party

Aug 10, 2016

Credit Wyoming Democratic Party

The Wyoming Democratic Party is hoping that a new progressive caucus will bring in more grassroots voices and grow the party. The idea is to attract progressive Independents and current Democrats who would like to take a more active role with the party beyond the traditional structure. 

State Democratic Party Chair Ana Cupril said Bernie Sanders inspired lots of new voters to become interested in politics and many are not interested in traditional party politics. The hope is that the new caucus will get them interested.

“I think this just adds voices. You know a lot of the voices that we have right now in leadership are folks who have been around a very long time and I think now there are a lot of people who would like to get involved and not necessarily in that traditional way.”

Cupril hopes it will make the party more diverse.

“Anytime that we can provide more inclusion and more access to the party, especially now that there is interest, this is just a really great opportunity for us and we’re not gonna miss out on it.”

Newly elected National Committeeman, Jon Gardzelewski, said the progressive caucus should make the Wyoming Democratic Party stronger.