Wildlife Biologist Tells Story Of Mule Deer Doe's Record-Breaking Migration

Apr 20, 2018

The longest mule deer migration route weaves across much of western Wyoming. Twice a year, deer travel 150 miles from the Red Desert over the Wyoming Range to Hoback Junction near Jackson. But in 2016, wildlife biologists tracked one doe—#255—trekking that distance plus an extra 92 miles, all the way into Idaho. Wyoming Public Radio’s Melodie Edwards sat down with the Wyoming Migration Initiative’s Director Matt Kauffman to hear the twists and turns of Doe #255’s epic journey. The question is, have scientists discovered a new migration route or is #255 just super spunky?

Side Note...#255 isn't the only deer in the limelight. Deer #139 is the focus of a film co-produced by reporter Tennessee Watson and sponsored by Wyoming Public Media. Next week, Tennessee leaves on a backcountry quest, lead by UW scientist Sam Dwinnell, to follow the exact migratory path of #139. This 85-mile adventure requires lots of bushwhacking, pack rafting, and some epic spring skiing. For more information, visit deer139film.org.