Tribal Liaison Changes Get Senate Support

Jan 29, 2015

Credit Wyoming Legislature

 The State Senate has given initial support to a bill that aims to fix Wyoming’s Tribal Liaison program. 

The two liaisons work with the tribes and state government, but there’s been disputes over funding and other matters.  The legislation provides 200 thousand dollars for the liaisons and makes them an appointee of the governor.

Republican Cale Case of Lander says the bill empowers them to be a more important part of state and tribal government. 

“We interact with tribal governments on so many levels.  If you talk to our agencies they will tell you that they need help to figure out the right places to go.  If you talk to folks who work for tribal governments, they will tell you also they need someone to help navigate through the system.  And the tribal liaisons have done good work.”

Riverton Republican Eli Bebout says the bill will help foster better relationships between the tribes and the state.  The bill will be debated two more times.