State Senator Believes The Clean Coal Technology Agreement Is A Little Late

Aug 27, 2015

A State Senator said an agreement between the United States and China to share advances in Clean Coal technology is probably ten years too late. The deal was reached this week. Gillette Senator Michael Von Flatern said it’s better late than never.                

“If we can convince them to invest in the cleaning of…so that the emission level is lower on coal-fired power stations. It definitely would not hurt us, and then with their expansion it would improve our ability to sell to them and it would improve their future portfolio to include a lot of coal, and preferably a lot of U. S. coal.”

Von Flatern said the problem is that it will take a lot of time for clean coal technologies to be developed and for that technology to be affordable. While he said the state should consider solar and wind power in the future, Von Flatern said the country should not walk away from coal.