State Lawmakers Want More Dialogue With UW

Jul 16, 2014

Wyoming state legislators want more communication and coordination with the University of Wyoming.

University of Wyoming Department of Agriculture
Credit Wyoming_Jackrabbit via Flickr Creative Commons

The UW Board of Trustees met with several House and Senate members in Casper this week to discuss the relationship between the Legislature and the school. Senate President Tony Ross says the meeting was a good first step, but lawmakers need to play a bigger role in the future.

'We need to have a common vision, not only with the Board, but with the staff and the professors," Ross said. “It’s not micro-managing from the Legislature. It’s not our intent. But we also need to recognize that we are the ones that are going to fund the University, the community colleges and K-12, and we want to make sure we’re getting the bang for our buck."

About 40 percent of UW’s funding comes from the Legislature. Ross and other lawmakers told Trustees they’d like to see UW put more emphasis on industries like energy and natural resources.

"We ought to be concentrating on those things that are important—that generate jobs in Wyoming," Ross said. "Defining those things and then moving together jointly with the Legislature and the University of Wyoming."

Trustee President Dave Palmerlee invited legislators to form an ad-hoc committee on UW issues.