Sheridan County Under Partial Fire Restrictions

Aug 16, 2019

Credit Sheridan County

Sheridan County has put partial fire restrictions in place for the time being.

The partial restrictions are coming later in the season due to the wet spring and early summer. But Sheridan County Fire Warden, Chris Thomas, said the eastern and northern parts of the county are starting to dry out.

Thomas said the restrictions are only partial-meaning residents need to take precautions if they will be burning.

"If you're going to use a burn barrel, use it in the evening or 6 am to 8 am, put a grate over the top so sparks don't come out and spark the grass, if you're going to be welding, give yourself a 20 foot clear around that operation so you don't start the adjacent grass on fire," he said.

Thomas said there is a change to this year's restrictions: residences now are allowed to burn small fires if proper procedure is taken.

"If we're not in red flag warning, if you've got 20 foot of area that's not going to burn around you, and you have stuff to put the fire out, a hose, shovels, tools, things like that. So those small personal fires are acceptable in people's residences," he said.

Thomas said the partial restrictions will be in place until the weather gets wetter, likely in the early fall to winter.

Meanwhile, Bighorn National Forest is dealing with two fires. The Lick Creek Fire is 70 percent contained and the Cubb Creek Cabin fire is 100 percent contained and will likely be declared out soon.