Sheridan College Seeing High Demand To Live On Campus

Jul 1, 2016

The entrance to Sheridan Community College.

Sheridan Community College is considering building a new dorm after seeing demand for on-campus housing rise the past three years.

The college was up 51 applications in April compared to last year in April, and now, all rooms at the college are booked for the fall semester. 20 students are on a wait list to live on-campus. Currently, the college can house 450 students overall.

Director of Housing and Campus Life Larissa Bonnett said a big reason why there’s more people wanting to live on-campus is for the experience.

“I know that people are looking for the traditional college experience, and living on campus is a part of that traditional college experience,” Bonnett said. “Like getting to know your roommates, learning conflict management that way and share your space.”

Bonnett said students who are left on the waitlist will have housing arrangements in nearby apartments and hotels. A new dorm is planned to be built within the next five years if on-campus housing demand remains high.

Bonnett also said Sheridan Community College’s updated facilities have allowed it to bring in higher numbers of students, compared to Wyoming’s other community colleges with older facilities.

“Other community colleges sometimes have one good year, and then they see a drop. But, I think it’s picking back up. Especially as other community colleges throughout the state renovate and update their facilities,” Bonnet said.

Nearby Gillette College has also been close to or at full capacity with on-campus housing. But a new dorm set to be finished in January will add 140 beds to that campus.