September 17th, 2010 - Open Spaces

Nov 8, 2011

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A Listing of Today's Stories

University of Wyoming Declines Adopting Speaker Policy
This week University of Wyoming president Tom Buchanan was emphatic when he declared the university will not create a speakers' policy. The policy could have set up a process to review speakers invited to campus. Renny MacKay reports.

A conversation with the University of Wyoming College of Business Dean Brent Hathaway.
The College of Business opened the doors to its new facility this semester. The eco-friendly building is very high tech and focuses on enhancing the student experience. Dean Brent Hathaway discusses what the building will mean with Wyoming Public Radio's Bob Beck.

Superintendent Jim McBride Discusses Recently Released Education Summary
The current State Superintendent, Jim McBride, is in his last months in office. One of the things McBride did during his administration is start sending out a packet of information on schools every year. It's kind of a report card and a newsletter, with facts on each district. He Speaks with Renny MacKay.

Leaving Wyoming: An Essay by Wyoming writer Leorah Snyder.

Phillipa Strum On Latino Segregation
In several Wyoming communities there has been significant growth in the Hispanic population. This has meant changes in the dynamics for Wyoming schools too. Some of the thanks traces back to the 1940s when federal judges in California ruled that the state could not segregate Latinos. She speaks with Renny MacKay.

Drilling could return to The Wyoming Range
Next month, the Bridger-Teton National Forest is expected to release a draft environmental study on a Texas company's proposal to drill in the Wyoming Range. The proposal is in an area Congress voted to put off limits to new oil and gas leasing, when it passed the Wyoming Range Legacy Act in 2009. WPR's Rebecca Huntington reports.

Wyoming's food stamp numbers remain high.
Wyoming's version of food stamps, called the Supplemental Assistance Nutrition Program or SNAP, started seeing some significant increased use during the last year. Heather Babbitt oversees the program for the Wyoming Department of Family Services. She speaks with WPR's Bob Beck.

Riverton readies for Wyoming's first Job Corps.

Job Corps is gearing up for a new facility in Riverton. The facility is expected to address high unemployment numbers in Freemont County, and a workforce that is too small for employers in the rest of the state. WPR's Bob Beck reports.

24 Hours In Bear Country
This year, officials with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department's Bear Management Program have participated in a record 40 captures of bears to date. But WPR's Tristan Ahtone reports that increased conflicts aren't necessarily from a lack of other food.