Senate Supports Medicaid Work Requirement

Jan 31, 2019


The Wyoming Senate is taking another crack at requiring those on Medicaid to get a job, perform community service, or take college or job training classes in order to receive benefits.

Senator Larry Hicks said the plan should save the state over $5.6 million. If those getting Medicaid don't meet the requirements they will be kicked off the program. Hicks said it's similar to the SNAP or food stamps program. Jackson Senator Mike Gierau opposed the bill and said it will be harmful to poor people who struggle to find work.

"The way I look at it, we're going to be throwing a lot of people, our most needy people, the people who need this help the most, are going to be thrown off the program," said Gierau.

Senator Charles Scott said the state has had work requirements for people who have left prison and for people on welfare and those programs have been successful. The Senate gave initial support to the bill. The second of three debates will take place Friday.