Senate Restores Funding For Breast And Cervical Cancer

Jan 31, 2019

Senator Affie Ellis
Credit Wyoming State Legislature

The Wyoming Senate voted to restore $1.5 million it removed from the state breast and cervical cancer program. The cut was made earlier in the week after members of the Appropriations Committee complained that it allowed non-poor people to access the funds.

Senator Affie Ellis fixed that with an amendment that says money from the program should go to those in need. She said a number of people have had their lives saved thanks to the program. Senate Health and Labor Chairman Charles Scott agreed that it's a necessary program.

"These things can be cured and we are having good success with it. You've gotta be able to have the money for it…and not everybody does ."

Sheridan Senator Dave Kinskey compared the breast and cervical cancer program to Obama care and called it a slippery slope. Appropriations Chairman Eli Bebout called it an important discussion but added that the state can't afford to do everything.

"They're emotional, they're important, they're tough, but there's just a point in time Mr. President where you have to say no to certain things that have all kinds of reasons to do and this is one of them," Bebout said.

But the Senate disagreed and restored the budget cut.