Senate Passes Education Review Bill

Mar 10, 2020

Credit Associated Press

The State Senate has passed a bill that sets up a process for legislators to review the school funding model and take a close look at education requirements.

Senators added several amendments, including the requirement that an advisory committee of people from inside and outside of education be added. They are expected to recommend to legislators what students should be learning.

Cheyenne Senator Affie Ellis added the advisory committee. Ellis has long been a critic of the current education system and she said she's hoping to make changes that will be valuable to education. Critics worry that she's trying to weaken what they say is a good education system.

Senate Minority Leader Chris Rothfuss said it's doubtful that the recommendations will do much.

"We can modernize it and do better, but the idea that we are somehow going to fundamentally change it and revolutionize it in a rural state like Wyoming is again not realistic," said Rothfuss.

Rothfuss said education in the state is generally pretty good. He added that if advisory members make a number of changes there is a good chance that education will end up costing more.

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