Senate Defeats And Reconsiders Hill Legislation

Feb 13, 2014

The Wyoming Senate reconsidered and passed a bill that would set up a special committee to review the recent Supreme Court decision about Superintendent Cindy Hill.

Credit Cindy Hill Superintendent

The court ruled that removing Hill's responsibility to run the Department of Education was unconstitutional. The committee would be tasked with coming up with legislation to respond to the ruling, possibly in a special legislative session.  

The Senate at first rejected the bill, but reconsidered after lunch and passed it.  Senator Chris Rothfuss says that some education took place during the lunch break.

"Actually it was a little bit of people not understanding what the legislation did.  That it really is offering an opportunity to figure out what the right approach and right path forward is.  That it's working with the courts and that it's not in any way shape or form opposing what the attorney general's office is doing.  And it's not committing us to a particular course of action other than the fact that we do have to find a course of action."

The bill now moves to the Senate rules committee for further consideration.