Senate Continues Debating Hospital Funding Bill

Feb 10, 2015

The State Senate continues debating a bill that would provide money to public hospitals in the state to help pay for uncompensated care.

Senate Appropriations Chairman Tony Ross tried to reduce the 5-million dollars in the bill down to two-point-five million, but the Senate rejected that amendment.

Supporters say many hospitals are struggling with so-called “charity care”, but Ross worries that the bill may open the door to a long term commitment.

“For those of you who were concerned about Medicaid expansion and whether or not we’d ever be able to reduce funds from other programs or so forth, this is the same deal folks. They’ll be back again, so get ready, if this is the path you want to go down.”

Senator Bill Landen says the request is a small one. He says it’s important to help hospitals that are struggling with uncompensated care. The Senate will debate the bill one more time.