Science Standards Bill Goes To The Governor

Feb 26, 2015

The fate of the Next Generation Science Standards will soon be back in the hands of the State Board of Education.

Last year, the Legislature, through a budget amendment, blocked the state board from adopting the standards because of concerns about how they addressed climate change. 

A bill removing the budget footnote passed the House easily this year, but got hung up when Senator Eli Bebout added a last second amendment that instructed the board to adopt standards unique to Wyoming. 

Bebout says after a conference committee they came up with new language.

“Mr. President, The State Board of Education shall independently examine and scrutinize any science standards proposed or reviewed as a template in order to ensure that final standards for Wyoming schools promote excellence.”

Both the House and Senate approved the new language. Senate President Phil Nicholas quipped.

“No single sentence has achieved so much scrutiny.”

The bill goes to the governor for his signature.