Report: Planned Wind Energy Projects Increases 40 Percent

Aug 1, 2017

Credit Leigh Paterson

Wind energy projects are being built all over the U.S. and a new report shows just how fast they're cropping up. 

The American Wind Energy Association found that, since last year, the amount of wind energy under construction or nearly under construction increased 40 percent. That increase is enough to power more than 1.6 million homes on average.

Now, not all of the wind energy planned last year has come online this year, but more than half of it has.

The trade association found that most of the wind farms under construction or nearly under construction were in the Midwest, Texas and the Mountain West.

Kansas and North Dakota commissioned the most wind projects in this last quarter. North Dakota may soon even surpass Colorado with the 10th most wind energy installed.

Texas has the most wind energy installed by far. It’s also planning the most wind energy, followed by Wyoming.