Providers Say Abortion Law Will Make Little Difference

Mar 23, 2017

Earlier this month, Wyoming Governor Matt Mead signed a bill that requires doctors to offer ultrasounds to patients seeking abortions, but that law may only apply to one provider in the state.

Dr. Brent Blue of Jackson said he is Wyoming’s only doctor who publicly admits to providing abortions. But he has heard of other doctors in the region who have provided their regular patients with abortions that used medications to end a pregnancy, instead of surgical procedures.

Many of the women who come to Blue’s office to terminate a pregnancy find him online and then refer themselves because they are afraid to broach the issue with their own physicians.

“Sometimes, even, people see that there are protesters online, and that identifies us as a facility that provides abortions,” Dr. Blue said. “But we aren’t an abortion clinic by any means. We provide family practice and urgent care, and terminations are just part of the services we offer as a complete family practice.”

Blue said the new law will not change anything about how he interacts with his patients.

“We do ultrasounds on a hundred percent of our patients because that is what we consider quality medical care to determine the age of a pregnancy and to make sure that there aren’t any complications with that pregnancy,” said Blue. “And if a patient wants to see the ultrasound, literally all they have to do is turn their head to the right.”

Supporters of the new regulation say it is meant to help women make informed decisions. But Dr. Blue says the most significant effect of the new law may be to galvanize pro-choice advocates.