Park County Calling Public To Participate In Natural Resource Management Plan

Feb 20, 2020

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Park County will soon have a natural resources management plan for its federal and state lands, and is inviting the public to participate in a steering committee that will help shape the plan. 

Joy Hill, the county's planning and zoning director, said they're looking for people with expertise or interest areas like economics, fire management, predator control, and wild horse and livestock management.

"They could let us know about issues that they're aware of, or long time problems or a long time public uses of the resources," she said. "So that would really help to drive the direction of our plan for those particular resource policies."

Hill said these plans give the county more of a say about what happens to its public lands.

"If counties have policies, in terms of what they want to see done with natural resources on state and federal lands, then they have a seat at the table when the feds and the states create their plans," she said.

The plan will concentrate on over 20 natural resource management topics. Hill said because of this wide range, her staff can't possibly know everything and that's why they're asking the public to get involved. Applications can be submitted online through March 2.

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