NWCCD Trustees Support Four-Year Degree Plans

Dec 13, 2019

Credit Northern Wyoming Community College District

The Northern Wyoming Community College District's Board of Trustees voted to move forward on creating a bachelor's of applied science (BAS) degree at its recent meeting.

District President Walter Tribley said he's "elated" with the board's decision to support the district creating a four-year degree. The administration has proposed creating a BAS in leadership and management, which would have business and industrial technology tracks.

"The next steps for us are to work further on these programs and go to our Wyoming Community College Commission in February with more of our programs outline to basically get their endorsement," he said.

Tribley said he believes the degree will provide an opportunity for area workers to advance in their careers.

"They need something local, something accessible, and something taught by faculty who are not only willing but also really, really good at teaching community college and now four-year students that are not your typical student right out of school," he said.

The curriculum, as it's planned right now, would offer 36 upper division credits in business and 24 credit hours for each track, which Tribley said will give students access to a range of classes.

"It will also offer some efficiencies for us to help us make this program fiscally responsible," he said.

Tribley will present the district's plans to the Wyoming Community College Commission in February for approval to move forward. There is no set timeline on when the district would begin to offer the degree.

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