Nine Tested COVID-19 Positive At Worland Nursing Home

May 19, 2020

Credit Creative Commons CC0

Five staff members and four residents of the Worland Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center have tested positive for COVID-19 within the past week, bringing the county's total to 13 as of Monday afternoon.

Wyoming Department of Health's Kim Deti said the concern for the nursing home began when two staff members sought medical care after developing coronavirus like symptoms. When both individuals COVID-19 test came back positive, there was an initial round of testing of all of the staff and residents. Deti said they are still unsure how the virus came to be at the center.

"People should not necessarily assume that it started with those staff members," said Deti. "We're still reviewing how the virus was first introduced into that environment."

Deti said an outbreak in a nursing home or long term care facility has been a worry for the department this entire time. Especially, after there was an outbreak in the Lander Showboat Retirement Center earlier this year.

"It does serve as a reminder and should to all of us that while we may have some steps that are allowing them more choices and options now in Wyoming, this is not over and the risk of spreading that disease to someone who's more vulnerable exists really for any of us," said Deti.

Deti said the Department of Health staff have been sent to Worland to review infection control procedures and that more testing will occur to make sure the virus doesn't continue to spread.

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