New Exhibit Presents Mash-up Of Work By 38 Wyoming Artists

Aug 15, 2014

One piece created by two artists: “Mandel Station”; oil paint, wood panel, steel, reclaimed truck and tractor sheet metal; 11 ½” x 11 ½”; 2014; J.B. Bond and Linda Lilligraven.
Credit Wyoming Art Party

The Wyoming Art Party is a new arts organization. No, we won’t be seeing Art Party candidates on the November ballot; think party, as in fun and festivities. The Wyoming Art Party’s inaugural event opens with a reception Friday, August 22 at a temporary gallery in Laramie. It’s a collaborative exhibit called ‘A Portrait of Wyoming.’ Laramie artists June Glasson and Meg Thompson are the founders of the Wyoming Art Party. They stopped by to explain the project to Wyoming Public Radio’s Micah Schweizer.