Museum Minute: General James Doolittle

Oct 25, 2019

Winchester Model 21 Shotgun. Owned by James Doolittle
Credit Cody Firearms Museum

James Doolittle was a general during World War II. He became famous for his raid on Tokyo in 1942 just after Pearl Harbor was bombed. Danny Michael, the assistant curator of the Cody Firearms Museum, said the U.S. wanted to retaliate so Doolittle led an air raid. A lot of his crew was captured or killed, but Doolittle made it back alive. 

Michael said Doolittle continued to lead many of the major Air Force units during the war and became a prominent airman.

“In addition to his military service, he was a benefactor of the Cody Firearms Museum, so he found out about the Cody Firearms Museum and enjoyed it,” said Michael  

Michael said Doolittle donated one of his own guns to the museum: a Winchester Model 21 Shotgun. 

“They were sort of a deluxe shotgun. They didn't make a ton of them. It’s a higher grade of gun that Winchester made, and this one he [Doolittle] owned and used for a number of years,” said Michael.

The gun is currently on display at the Cody Firearms Museum.