Mule Deer Go High Tech

Dec 10, 2014

Credit USDA photo by Scott Bauer

A great deal of research is happening right now on why mule deer populations are declining so fast in the state… and now the University of Wyoming and Wyoming Game and Fish are offering a week-long Tweet Event to let the public participate in the capture and collaring of mule deer. 

During a Tweet Event experts and officials will talk to the public through short messages on the social network Twitter. University of Wyoming Researcher Matt Kauffman says a Tweet Event is a unique way to let people see photos, maps and graphs as they are being created during the capture and collaring of mule deer.

“While we’re doing the capture work, we will, as cellphone connectivity allows, we’ll provide updates on how the capture work is going and information about what’s being done and what we’re learning and background information about the studies.”

Kauffman says people can follow him @wyokauffman using the hashtag #wyodeer.

“As we progress through the captures, we will re-draw that map to include the migration routes of the animals as we’ve learned from these capture animals. So that map will sort of get filled in with migration routes as we proceed through the captures.”

The public can also follow the research by visiting the Migration Initiative’s Facebook page. The Tweet Event runs December 11 through the 17.