Most Health Restrictions Lifted Tuesday, Including Mask Mandate

Mar 15, 2021

Credit Pixabay, Public Domain

Gov. Mark Gordon announced last week that most statewide health restrictions would be lifted. He cited a drop in cases, hospitalizations, and deaths as encouraging data.

Mask usage is still highly recommended by the Wyoming Department of Health indoors and when proper social distancing can't be maintained.

Natrona County Public Health Officer Dr. Mark Dowell said he supports the governor's decision but wished the mask mandate was lifted after spring break.

"There may be some bump in cases, we just don't know," he said. "People are going to be traveling, coming back from areas that have higher rates of COVID right now than we do."

Dowell says the greatest chance for the state to get past the pandemic is for everyone to get vaccinated when they can. Dowell said none of these lifted restrictions apply to schools.

"I would certainly favor leaving the schools exactly like they are," said Dowell. "My fantasy would be all the way till the end of the school year, make it really nice for the rest of the county and state.

He said the mask mandate has shown to be very effective at reducing the spread of the virus. Limitations on personal, outdoor, and sporting events are being lifted as well as restrictions on restaurants, theatres, and gyms. Teton County has put in a county-specific order to keep the mask mandate.