Mead is still considering Education Director candidates

Jun 7, 2013

Wyoming Governor Matt Mead says he is still weighing the attributes of the three finalists for the state’s new Education Director.  The Director would run the State Department of Education.  

Mead has interviewed all three, but says he wants more time to consider them.

“I try to evaluate not only their nuts and bolts skills, their technical knowledge, but is this a good fit for Wyoming? Will they be able to get around the state?  And all three of them talked about they thought one of the first things they wanted to do is get around the state and meet with school districts, teachers and parents.”

The three finalists for the position are a local superintendent, a retired superintendent, and an Arizona legislator.  Mead is pleased with their qualifications and liked what they had to say about the Wyoming Education system.

“This just looks like a very good opportunity in Wyoming where you continually have great public support, legislative support for education and they assured me that is not necessarily the way it is everywhere around the country.  So I was just thrilled with the interviews and the passion of the people I interviewed.”

The governor says he may announce his selection next week.