Lawmakers want to look into possible spending irregularities at the Department of Education

Feb 6, 2013

Credit Wyoming Department of Education

After hearing from whistleblowers and attorneys that there may have been irregularities in spending within the State Department of Education, the Wyoming House of Representatives has set aside money to perform a whistleblower audit of the department. 

Speaker of the House Tom Lubnau says Superintendent Cindy Hill has denied that money was spent improperly, but he says the legislature is obligated to determine if there is any truth to the charges and the House will ask for a complete audit.       

“It’s money I don’t want to spend, but I believe we have to spend.  If the allegations are false…they are false…and that makes me happy.  If they’re true…they’re true, but either way we’ll know for sure.”

Lawmakers have done audits in the past, but Lubnau says this will be more thorough. The House agreed to spend 250-thousand dollars on the audit.