Last Wyoming Planned Parenthood Standing Will Close Doors In July

May 16, 2017

Credit Planned Parenthood

Wyoming’s one and only Planned Parenthood branch in Casper will be closing its doors in July. The health center is among five others in the Rocky Mountain region that will be shutting down this summer. 

The decision to close the clinic was not entirely a financial one. That’s according to Adrienne Mansanares, a leader of Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood which oversees the Casper branch.

Mansanares said the move to close the health center had to do with patients in Wyoming having access to care from other providers. Mansares also said most of Wyoming’s Planned Parenthood patients already travel to the Fort Collins branch.

“We are making some difficult but necessary changes and this is really so that we can continue to meet patients’ needs in both the short term and the long term,” said Mansanares

Mansanares said they expect Casper’s 500 annual patients to be able to get care from other providers in town, including the Community Health Center of Central Wyoming. 

The branch officially closes on July 21, with services slowing down in the coming weeks. 

Mansanares said while Wyoming may no longer have any physical locations, Planned Parenthood will remain present in the state through their partnership with NARAL and a 24/7 text messaging service.