Laramie County shows diverse growth in latest census

Mar 19, 2013

Recent US Census numbers show that Wyoming’s energy industry has helped increase population.  But the same report shows that Laramie County’s economic diversity is creating sustainable growth.

Wyoming’s population from July 2011 to July 2012 grew by 1.6%.  While much of that growth is energy-related, Laramie County saw an increase of nearly 2,000 residents. 

Senior economist of the Wyoming Division of Economic Analysis, Wenlin Liu says while the energy based counties could see a drop in population, he predicts that Laramie County’s growth will remain.  

“The employment increase in Laramie County is actually quite broad-based, it’s increasing in construction, retail, trade, business services—all sectors have been adding jobs,” said Liu.

This broad-based growth will be easier to maintain, Liu added.