January 28th, 2011

Nov 9, 2011

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A listing of Today's Stories:

Indian Health Services needs federal health care bill
While some want Wyoming to try and opt out of the federal health bill, an unintended consequence is the potential effect on Indian Heath Services. Tristan Ahtone reports.

Discussion about positive aspects of the federal health care bill
Bob Beck speaks with Marguerite Salazar, the Regional Director of the U-S Department of Health and Human Services and Regional Outreach specialist Doyle Forrestahl who say that Wyoming residents have actually little to fear from the new federal affordable care act.

A Wildlife filmmaker discusses his trade
In an era when reality television is all the rage, there's one kind of reality filmmaking that's fairly common in Jackson Hole. Think Survivor... of the furry or feathered kind. Wyoming Public Radio's Rebecca Huntington talks with one wildlife filmmaker about his fascination with capturing nature in the wild and some of the hurdles he faces.

A look at the latest Wyoming Almanac
The latest edition of the Wyoming Almanac is out. It was first compiled by University of Wyoming historian Phil Roberts and his two brothers, David and Steven, in 1989. The book is now in its sixth edition - and Phil Roberts tells Molly Messick that it's much more expansive than that original volume.

Wyoming members of Congress discuss working with Democrats
President Barack Obama tried to appease Republicans several times during his State of the Union address. He promised to work with the GOP on an array of pressing issues that included reforming the tax code and cutting spending. But what caught the ear of Wyoming Republicans and what compromises will they try to reach with Democrats? Sara Sciammacco reports from Washington.

Should Wyoming ditch federal education money?
It's nothing new for there to be a lot of talk, in the Wyoming Legislature, about the state distancing itself from the federal government. This session, lingering in the background of discussions about education policy, is a House bill that's caught some off-guard. It asks for an investigation of the effects of not accepting federal education money in the state. A survey of educators and experts shows that taking that step could raise more questions than it answers. Molly Messick reports.

Wyoming lawmakers consider several education reform bills
A lot of students in Wyoming don't graduate on time and standardized test scores have been up and down in the past few years. Last summer legislators studying school funding noted that Wyoming is among the leaders in terms of how much it pays for public education per student and they thought that students should be performing better. Wyoming Public Radio's Bob Beck reports that's led to a raft of education performance bills.

State Superintendent Cindy Hill discusses reform ideas
State Superintendant Cindy Hill is watching the legislature work on all these education bills and she admits that she has mixed emotions about some of the legislation. Hill does like it when state leaders put improving education on the radar, but does worry when new regulations could cause more harm than good. She speaks with Bob Beck.