Interview: New Book Explores Fracking Through Poetry And Prose

Apr 15, 2016

Credit Taylor Brorby and Ice Cube Press

Fracking: the technique for boosting oil and gas production has been around for decades, but chances are you didn’t hear about it until recently. In just a few short years, the fracking boom has transformed communities across the country… and elicited plenty of emotions from all sides. Fracture is a new book of essays, poems and short fiction on the topic of fracking.

Pieces from more than two dozen writers address everything from the history of the Cushing oil hub and the geological origins of shale to water contamination and roughnecks at the bar. Taylor Brorby was one of the editors of the anthology, and will be leading a symposium on it at the University of Wyoming on Saturday, April 16. He joined Wyoming Public Radio’s Stephanie Joyce to talk about why anyone should read poetry about fracking.