Interactive Map Of Yellowstone Unearths Geological Mysteries For All

Jun 8, 2020

Image of the map
Credit Wyoming State Geological Survey

People interested in learning more about the geology of Yellowstone now can turn to an interactive map online.

The Wyoming State Geological Survey created the map with 100 different layers. Those include geological units, faults, thermal features, water resources and basic park information like trails and maps.

James Mauch, a geologist at Wyoming State Geological Survey, said Yellowstone is one of the most celebrated and studied geological systems on the planet.

"We wanted to compile all of the publicly available geology data relating to Yellowstone, or as much of it as we could find at least into a single interactive map," he said. "And we thought that would be a good service both for the general public and then for the multitude of scientists."

Mauch said the layers can be personalized so a person can view whatever layers they wish.

"This allows users to pick and choose which layers they'd like to see so they can turn some layers on, turn other layers off, they can zoom in and out to areas of interest, and otherwise, just customize the map experience," Mauch said.

Only internet connection is needed to use the map.

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