Hutchings Denies Allegations

Feb 13, 2019

Credit Lynn Hutchings

A State Senator released a statement denying that she ever compared homosexuality with bestiality or pedophilia.

Cheyenne Senator Lynn Hutchings said in her statement that not only did she never make that comparison, but she also never attempted to demean the students. The Cheyenne Central students were lobbying on behalf of protecting LGBTQ people in the workplace.

Hutchings statement goes on to say that those who are demanding an apology, respect and tolerance have assaulted her with "racial slurs, character assassination, profanity and threats."

Hutchings added, "It is unfortunate that this behavior has arisen as the result of a fabricated and one-sided story."

Hutchings refers to the incident as a learning opportunity to find better ways to discuss these issues in a respectful manner. Hutchings closed by saying the business community should be outraged at the negative and unjustified attention to Wyoming as a result of the incident.