High Methane Levels Detected Near Old Newcastle Landfill

Feb 28, 2019

Weston County Courthouse
Credit KASL Radio / Flickr

A high level of methane has been detected at a monitoring well in Newcastle. The well is near the city's old landfill that was closed in the 1980s.

The landfill was properly closed according to Department of Environmental Quality standards at the time, said Greg James, city clerk and treasurer in Newcastle.

James said part of that process involving building monitor wells around the landfill to identify if any contaminants were leaching from the area.

The only structure near the well is the Weston County Sportsman's Club. James said the city is not aware of any potential danger to residents or property.

The city will begin work on mitigation in the spring after it has discussed options with the DEQ and the state-hired firm Trihydro.

"After the studies have been completed to determine how much and where, there will be several suggestions or possible solutions put forth," James said. "Then the engineering group and state Department of Environmental Quality will meet to determine a course of action."

James said the city is continuing to monitor the well.