Graduation Requirements And Education Standards Await Mead's Approval

Jul 23, 2018

Credit Wyoming State Board of Education

Updates to statewide content and performance standards in math and social studies, as well high school graduation requirements have been approved by the Wyoming State Board of Education. Those rules are now before Governor Matt Mead for final approval. He has 75 days to sign off.

The math standards were under routine review, while the social studies standards were amended to include Native American history and culture in the curriculum. The graduation requirements changed in response to the elimination of tiered diplomas.  

Julie Magee, the Wyoming Department of Education Director of Accountability, said she feels good about the level of stakeholder participation throughout the process.

“I felt like the agency did a really good job collecting a lot of input along the way, before the rules were written, as the rules were being written,” said Magee. “Instead of just having one person write the rules, we worked with committees to help us write the rules.”

Magee said that gives her confidence the governor will sign on, because what he has been presented reflects diverse stakeholders and the needs of the state.