Gordon Talks About The Future In His State Of The State Message

Jan 10, 2019

Governor Mark Gordon gives his State of the State message.
Credit Rachel Girt

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon said the state's best years are ahead and outlined several plans during his state of the state message to move Wyoming forward.

Gordon outlined his support for improving the current economic development effort, expanding broadband, career and technical education. He also talked about supporting more uses for coal and for supporting clean coal research in Wyoming. He also noted that that Japan and South Korea are developing clean coal projects that Wyoming could be part of.

"That is progress that should be a gut cinch for those advocating to control carbon emissions and yet our access to these Asian markets remains restricted tied up in permit after permit. I believe this to be an unconstitutional restraint of trade and I'll strongly advocate for access to all markets."

Gordon also mentioned tis efforts to make improvements in health care and mental health. The governor said mental health problems from suicide to substance abuse are a concern, but he said there are solutions.

"We can do more in our communities to help those who are struggling with this crisis. Happily in Wyoming there are many organizations working to help those wrestling with these traumas. Through improved coordination these non-profit, public and private programs we can provide better mental health services in places where people live."

Gordon also offered his support of a number of education programs, including school safety and continued his support for pay raises for state employees.

After the speech Republicans praised the governor's optimistic comments, and Democrats also were pleased with his priorities, but some questioned how he would pay for them. Senate Minority Leader Chris Rothfuss said the governor would need more money to accomplish his goals.

"How we will be able to do this without raising revenue, without really looking at that side of the equation. I think it's a little difficult to achieve those objectives without actually taking a look at the revenue pictures," said Rothfuss.

Jackson Representative Andy Schwartz added that Republicans are too reluctant to even talk about that subject. Schwartz noted that the state has a major funding deficit in education that has to be addressed, something Gordon has acknowledged in the past.