Gordon Sets Optimistic Tone In His Inaugural Speech

Jan 7, 2019

Governor Mark Gordon speaks during his inauguration.
Credit Courtesy of the Wyoming Governor's office

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon said he's looking forward to seeing the state become a source for innovation and a beacon for others.

Gordon made the comments during his inauguration address in Cheyenne. He said he is excited about where Wyoming is heading.

"Wyoming will set a course to be a global leader in areas like the environment, water, energy, rural health care, education, senior care and a sensible, well-regulated government that is dedicated to preserving the principals that are enshrined in our constitutions."

Gordon added that the state needs to address unstable revenue and make sure that the state lives within its means. He said these are watershed times for Wyoming, and state leaders need to focus on an even better future for the state.

"I believe from the bottom of my heart that Wyoming can reach new heights and be a beacon for others. We can lead the way for a bright future if we focus on the world we want our grandchildren to inherit, even as we address the issues we face today."

Gordon actually took two oaths of office, the first one at the state capitol building at 6 a.m. in front of a small gathering due to ongoing renovations. He said he wanted to take his oath in the people's house. Gordon took his second oath during the public ceremony.