Gillette Considering Permits For Skill Games

Feb 20, 2020

Gillette, WY
Credit Anna Rader

Gillette could be the first city in the state to create a permitting process for unregulated games of skill.

The city is targeting electronic wagering devices, also known as games of skill, which are not currently regulated by any state agency.

The games can look similar to an electronic slot machine, but require players to make a choice on moving dials to make matches, according to city officials.

The City Council is worried about game winners not receiving their winnings from the establishments, so the move to permit these devices is an attempt to protect players, said City Administrator Patrick Davidson.

"It had come to the city's attention that games of skill had occurred in other locations in the state of Wyoming and pay out had not been made," he said.

The proposed ordinance would require the games to be registered with the city and covers the permitting process and fees.

"It requires a bonding or collateral aspect to ensure if someone wins, that funds are available, readily available, to make payment on that," he said.

Business owners would be required to pay $1,200 for the permit annually, then $500 for each device. It would also limit those who are under 21 from playing the games.

The Council will vote two more times in March before the law could be officially approved. If passed, business owners would have until July 1 to get their permits from the city.

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