Game and Fish Officials Urge Hunters To Dispose Or Carcasses Properly

Nov 16, 2011

The Wyoming Department of Game and Fish wants hunters to properly dispose of animal carcasses in landfills and not in the wild.

A Wyoming man was bitten by a weak, old grizzly bear while hunting near Cody last week.

Denny Hammer of the local Game and Fish office says the bear was unable to hunt and had dragged discarded carcasses to a dense area of willows where it made a day bed. The hunter surprised it when he passed, and the bear bit his leg. The man remained hospitalized for two days. Hammer says Game and Fish trapped and euthanized the bear.

“ I guess if there’s a message here, it’s we don’t wanna create more problems by attracting bears to any one particular site,” Hammer says. “So in this case, I guess we’d just recommend that anybody disposing of a carcass after they’ve taken an animal and field dressed it and process it, take the remainder of that carcass to a landfill or dispose of it properly.”

Hammer says bears are only beginning to hibernate for the winter, so hunters should still be on the lookout.