Game and Fish approves wolf plan

Apr 25, 2012

The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission has approved the state’s wolf management plan.  It allows wolves to be shot on site in most of the state, with hunting seasons scheduled for an area in northwest Wyoming.

Governor Matt Mead says they are awaiting another peer review by scientists, but they have made some adjustments to hunting regulations that he hopes will make the plan more palatable to critics. Mead remains hopeful that Wyoming’s congressional delegation will keep the management plan from being delayed by the courts.  But he believes the plan will stand up to any scrutiny.

“Number one recognize that we are approaching this very conservatively," Mead said. "That we have worked hard for over a year on this plan.  That I think it is scientifically sound, it has been signed off by the Secretary of the Interior.   It has repeatedly been signed off by the Director of the Fish and Wildlife service.  So it is not just something that we came up with that is just good for Wyoming, but a lot of parties worked on this.”

Mead hopes to be able to implement the plan by October.