Food Freedom Act passes

Jan 24, 2013

Credit Irina Zhorov

The Wyoming House of Representatives has passed a bill that would de-regulate the sale of homemade foods at farmers markets and between producers and consumers.  Republican Sue Wallis of Recluse says it would allow the sale of meat and unpasteurized, raw milk.  Lawmakers considered removing meat from the bill, but the amendment was defeated.  Wallis says if consumers buy locally, that money will get spread throughout communities.    

“What if those families also bought a little hamburger, what if those families also bought some eggs, what if those families also bought some worm-free cabbages?  You can see where this is going, this is huge…huge economic opportunity for our kids…help our kids get through college,” says Wallis.

Wallis does not believe that government should have any jurisdiction when it comes to a transaction between two people.  But state health officials say that selling unregulated meat and unprocessed dairy products could lead to disease outbreaks.  The bill heads to the Senate for further consideration.