Event to consider future management of the Snake River

Jun 7, 2013

The Summit on the Snake – an annual conference about use of the Snake River – will take place in Jackson this Saturday. Speakers will discuss the wildlife, history, ecology, and management of the Snake River and there will be a panel regarding the future of river management in Jackson Hole.

Snake River Fund Program Director, Margaret Creel, says the Bureau of Land Management will transfer management duties to Teton County soon, and the county needs to figure out how to manage the resource responsibly. Currently, river use is unregulated. 

“Everyone can float there, and so in the last number of years there’s been explosive use on one section in particular that flows from the Wilson Bridge to the South Park Bridge. And so one of the challenges that county will face as they move forward is how to look at that unregulated use,” says Creel.  

The Summit starts at 8 am on Saturday at the Jackson campus of Teton Science Schools off Highway 22. More information is available at http://www.publicbroadcasting.net/wpr/events.eventsmain?action=showEvent&eventID=1385351 .