Education Accountability Nearly Wrapped Up

Mar 5, 2012

The Wyoming House is wrapping up work on an enormous education accountability bill.  During second reading debate on the bill, Casper Republican Steve Harshman added a massive amendment that clarifies a number of standards lawmakers want students to meet including writing.  Harshman says it also notes that the ACT will be the way the state will track students who are high school juniors and, overall,he says the bill has clear goals.

“It clearly lines out why are we testing, but we also want a readiness standard we want to say this is the standard on the ACT test or the Explorer Test where we want kids to be at,” says Harshman. “The other part will be an achievement part on how many are proficient or at proficient, we currently do that.  And the other part will be growth.”

The House will wrap up discussion on the bill Tuesday.